Mad Mansion – Mayto Kingdom: The Chamber of Light and Time – Escape Room Vitoria-Gasteiz

Die Kammer des Lichts und der Zeit /Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) / 2-5 players / Price: 34 – 50 EURO per person / Rating: 8.5

Location: C/ Barratxi 37a Pabellón 20,VITORIA/GASTEIZ 01013 (Álava)

Date of Play: 07.10.2022

Team Size: 4

The Spanish Escape Room provider Mad Mansion was voted the best provider in the world at the Top Escape Room Enthusiast Awards 2021 (TERPECA). Therefore, we wanted to convince ourselves of the quality of the rooms. Vitoria-Gasteiz is home to the Top Escape Room 2021 You’ll float and Dragonborn: The Innkeeper’s Son (ranked 13th in 2021), the two top-ranked escape room adventures, among others. But there’s a real surprise here for anime fans, too. Read our review of Dragonball Escape Room The Chamber of Light and Time (La Cámara del Espíritu y el Tiempo) here.

Like many of the Mad Mansion rooms, this Escape Room is loosely based on a more well-known franchise. The inspiration for this adventure was: the anime series Dragonball.

If names like Son-Goku, Vegeta, Trunks or Muten-Roshi mean anything to you, then The Chamber of Light and Time (La Cámara del Espíritu y el Tiempo) is the right choice for you. But as an all-clear, these names didn’t mean anything to the three of us, and we went on the adventure anyway.

The Escape Adventures of Mayto Kingdom are located in a large hall in an industrial area near Vitoria-Gasteiz. You can park right in front of the hall. Here you will also find You’ll float. The large, colorfully painted gate immediately catches your eye. Again, you have to go to the restroom beforehand, as this is not possible before or during the game. When we arrived, we found a folder with information about the game in front of the door. Here the rules of the game were explained again and there was the information that the door opens only at the beginning of the game.

In fact, there is no personal greeting here. After the door was opened, we followed the light to the actual entrance of La Cámara del Espíritu y el Tiempo. Here, lockers were ready and one had the opportunity to change one’s footwear once again. Flat shoes are more than appropriate here. When we were ready, the entrance to our adventure in the Temple of Light opened.

The Chamber of Light and Time (La Cámara del Espíritu y el Tiempo)

On the occasion of the world famous martial arts tournament, you have decided to train in the Chamber of Mind and Time. This is only the beginning of the great and incredible adventure that awaits you!

The room

Our journey through the world of Dragonball began for us in the so-called Chamber of Light and Time. After entering, we found ourselves in a white room (white walls, white floor tiles) with a kind of temple shrine. A video was immediately projected onto the wall, in which Mr. Popo greeted us. Unfortunately, all the video feeds in the room were completely in Spanish, so that especially the players without any previous knowledge did not understand much of the actual story of the room. As the adventure progresses, the setting increases more and more in terms of look and atmosphere. We move through a colorful anime world, which takes us to various locations of the anime series. The highlight is especially a sequence in the game, which not only amazed Dragonball fans. Here, the height of the large hall was more than well utilized. Light and sound round off the experience well.

The puzzles

The linear puzzles in The Chamber of Light and Time put a lot of focus on seek-and-find and are mainly cognitive in nature. Matches have to be made, which should be much easier for connoisseurs of the franchise than for people who haven’t had any experience with Dragonball before. The occasional haptic puzzles mainly require good reflexes and coordination. The final boss was a mathematical puzzle for us, which was then skipped by the gamemaster. The hint guidance was okay, though not outstanding.

The gamemaster

Our gamemaster did a really good job with the voice acting. Real anime vibes came through here, and he was partly reminiscent of the character Muten-Roshi in stretches. His cues were well-timed at all times and formulated in the context of the adventure.


The Chamber of Light and Time lives on its fanservice and is mainly aimed at fans of Dragonball, who will probably appreciate the details and also the puzzles more than for non-experts of the anime. But even for them, The Chamber of Light and Time offers some showpieces that will make them wonder. However, the puzzles here aren’t exactly the strongest part of this adventure, and thus don’t offer much in the way of novelty or variety for experienced Escape Room players. It also fits that Mayto Kingdom promote this more of a theme park with Escape elements than a real Escape Room adventure. The Chamber of Light and Time is the perfect room for families and inexperienced Escape Room groups.

The room can only be booked in English with 1-2 months’ notice.

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