Blindhouse Games – Rebellion (Hybrid Line) – Escape Room Bilbao

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Rebellion/ Bilbao (Spain)/ 2 – 6 players / Price: 14,80 –35 Euro per person / Rating: 9.4

Location: Calle Biarritz 13 Lonja, 84002 Bilbao

Date of Play: 08.10.2022

Team Size: 4

Our next stop in northern Spain and especially in Bilbao was at Blindhouse Games. Here we were drawn into the conflict between werewolves and vampires. We had to master a 150-minute adventure with The Rebellion (Hybrid Line). Read here what awaited us.

Blindhouse Games has completely committed itself to the fight of the werewolves against the vampires. As usual in northern Spain, rather inconspicuous from the outside, you dive directly into the world of this conflict when you enter the location.

Thus, you have the opportunity to play two adventures, each with a length of 75 minutes. LÍNEA DE SANGRE LICÁNTROPOS (Bloodline of Werewolves) is entirely dedicated to a werewolf myth, in which the goal is to find a legendary amulet and bring it back to the leader of the werewolves. In LÍNEA DE SANGRE VAMPIROS (Bloodline of the Vampires) you have to awaken and hunt down a powerful vampire lord.

Or you can do as we do and combine both adventures into a single epic experience of 150 minutes and play HYBRIDE LINE.

As soon as we enter the premises of Blindhouse, we are immediately picked up story-wise and we realize that we have been assigned the role of werewolves. After a corresponding atmospheric prelude, we are given appropriate blindfolds and the adventure can begin.

Rebellion (Hybrid Line)

You have been captured by the vampires and taken to the dungeon, where you meet Lucian, the leader of the lycanthropes. He is imprisoned because he has an affair with Sonja, a vampiric death warrior and daughter of Victor the castle lord. You must help Lucian in his mission to lead the lycanthropes and overthrow the vampire leaders. To do this, he must first ally with Willian Corvinus, the first lycanthrope who couldn’t return to his human form, and then awaken Markus Corvinus, the first vampire of the bloodline, to end the decadence imposed on the vampire community.

The room

After we were allowed to remove the blindfolds, we find ourselves chained in a dungeon. The environment is authentic. As the game progresses, a world all its own reveals itself to us. Blindhouse Games uses the entire space available to them for The Rebellion. The set impresses with its incredible size and the greatest possible authenticity in terms of details and ideas. These factors contribute to the fact that players actually find themselves in a different world and never feel like they are in a classic “room”. The transition between the adventures, which can actually be booked separately, is well done. By connecting the two existing adventures, a correspondingly varied setting is offered. Every now and then you’ll find little Easter Eggs that hint at Underworld. A soundtrack plays discreetly in the background. The lighting could have emphasized the actual scenery a bit more now and then.

The puzzles

The Rebellion (Hybrid Line) not only convinces with a successful setting, but also makes the hearts of many puzzle fans beat faster. The adventures are packed with varied puzzles, which are initially structured rather linearly. In the second part, you can also puzzle your way through the adventure non-linearly. We have rarely seen such well-integrated puzzles within a given framework. All tasks were well done and aligned with the actual story and were believably integrated (in an Escape Room context) into the respective worlds. Cognitive and haptic tasks successfully alternate and always demand different skills from each team member. Manipulation and guesswork are allowed. Alternatively, cooperative teamwork or individual dexterity is put to the test. The instructions are successful and the tasks were always comprehensible.

The gamemaster

The gamemaster’s instructions were submitted to us over loudspeakers. He knew where we were at all times. Regarding the implementation of the room and the puzzles, we would have liked a bit more thematic integration of the clues.


Blindhouse Games offers a successful 150-minute adventure with Rebellion (Hybrid Line) with a large number of creative, varied puzzles in an authentic setting that we haven’t experienced in this dimension before. However, the first half is the stronger for us in terms of puzzles and fun factor, but that doesn’t change the overall experience and the fun we had. Despite the vampires and werewolves theme, the adventure never comes across as creepy. Rather, the vices of a classic adventure movie come across. We recommend this adventure for advanced werewolf warriors with a pack size of 4 wolves.

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