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Wayout Room Escape – Hotel Hello – Escape Room Pamplona

The Hotel Hell of the Spanish Escape Room provider Wayout in Pamplona made it to the final round of the Top Escape Room Enthusiast Awards (TERPECA) in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, it was among the 50 best rooms in the world. Reason enough to check in here once during our Northern Spain trip. Read the review here.

Mad Mansion – El Templo Del Dios Chaak – Escape Room Pamplona

Spanish Escape Room provider Mad Mansion was voted the best provider in the world at the Top Escape Room Enthusiast Awards 2021 (TERPECA). One reason for this was that a large number of their rooms had made it to the final round. So we wanted to see for ourselves the quality of the rooms. On our Escape Room trip through northern Spain, we first stopped at the Mad Mansion room El Templo Del Dios Chaak (The Temple of the God Chaak). Read here how we liked it.

66 Minuten – Trophycollector – Escape Room Neuwied

In this article, you’ll find out what awaited us in “The Trophy Collector”. Our last trip to Neuwied only took place virtually in the highly recommended online live adventure game Showdown (see report). After almost 5 years, we have now ventured back to Neuwied in person to once again dive into the world of Schlachter Schlabbeck and the ASF.

Illuminati Escape – Titanik 2.0 – Escape Room Berlin

Having already broken into a casino in Macau, escaped from a computer store in Omsk, and explored an abandoned diner in the Nevada desert in Illuminati Escape, it was time to return. This time we boarded the Titanik 2.0. Read here how we liked it.