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66 Minuten – Trophycollector – Escape Room Neuwied

In this article, you’ll find out what awaited us in “The Trophy Collector”. Our last trip to Neuwied only took place virtually in the highly recommended online live adventure game Showdown (see report). After almost 5 years, we have now ventured back to Neuwied in person to once again dive into the world of Schlachter Schlabbeck and the ASF.

Le Prince

Escaping Belgium – Le Prince – Escape Room Belgium

Le Prince by Escaping Belgium appeared among the 50 best Escape Rooms in the world in 2021, and it turns out once again that this list has a surprise or two in store. The list features classic escape room concepts alongside immersive adventures, so players can never be sure what experience awaits them in the end. Read about what Le Prince is all about here.