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Looking for the best Escape Rooms in Berlin?  Here you can find tests and reviews of Escape Rooms in Berlin. Read here if Escape Rooms in Berlin are worth their money. We tell you how the atmosphere, the puzzles and the service in the Escape Rooms in Berlin are and where you can find Escape Rooms in Berlin.

Miraculum – The Golden Phoenix – Escape Room Berlin

We waited a long time to finally play the newest highlight room in Berlin, and now the time had come for “The golden Phoenix” by Miraculum. A room that was supposed to take us into the magical world and raised high expectations in advance. The creative minds of The Room were behind the concept. Read here if our expectations were met.

Escape Berlin – Sherlock’s Dream – Escape Room Berlin

The Berlin Escape Room company Escape Berlin, the self-proclaimed largest Live Escape Game in Europe, has moved to a new location. This new location actually couldn’t have been bigger for an Escape Room company. After their move, they also have new Escape Games on offer. Reason enough for us to stop by. Read here what we thought of their new Escape Room Sherlock’s Dream.

Illuminati Escape – Titanik 2.0 – Escape Room Berlin

Having already broken into a casino in Macau, escaped from a computer store in Omsk, and explored an abandoned diner in the Nevada desert in Illuminati Escape, it was time to return. This time we boarded the Titanik 2.0. Read here how we liked it.