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Skurrilum – Ernie Hudson and the Zoo of Death – Escape Room Hamburg

There are Escape Rooms, which you do not forget. One of them for us is Ghost Hunter Ernie Hudson and the wailing Woman from Skurrilum in Hamburg. After more than four years and two lockdowns we returned to Hamburg to finally play the second Ernie Hudson adventure Ernie Hudson and the Zoo of Death. Read here if this adventure also became an unforgettable experience for us.

DarkPark – Stay in the Dark – Immersiv Experience

The new year started with a real bang. Dutch operator DarkPark announced on New Year’s Day that a “terrifying new experience” would be coming in the spring. After the pandemic-related postponement and various teasers via social media, we booked our ticket directly for the second weekend after the opening. The key data of the game already sounded promising in advance. With a playing time of 2.5 hours and a 4,000 square meters playing area, it was clear that great things were in store for us.

Entered – I Can Hear You – Immersive Experience

On our first trip to the Netherlands in 2019, we were already informed by the operators about an experience in Belgium. I Can Hear You is a real-life horror game that combines Escape Room elements with an interactive theater and haunted house. Unfortunately, it was not yet playable in English at that time.