TIMEBREAK Bonn – Temple Hunter – Escape Room Bonn

Bonn / 2 – 6 Players / Price: 30 – 54 Euro per person / Rating: 9.1

Location: Kapuzinzerstraße 11, 53113 Bonn

Group Size: 3

Date of Play: 01.11.2023

Languages: German / English

More than three years have passed since Malte first entered Yarrum’s magical hut through a dimensional rift at Timebreak in Bonn (see review). Now, the three of us returned to delve into the depths of an old Egyptian temple in the adventure “Temple Hunters.”

TIMEBREAK is located directly in the city center across from the Bonn Opera. If you come by car, you can use the associated underground parking garage. Various cafes or restaurants next to the provider’s entrance, as well as the nearby Rhine riverbank, can complement your visit.

The lounge is characterized by an industrial design, immediately putting us on high alert. Since the last time, several new rifts have appeared, and red lights and alarm signals were glowing everywhere. We were greeted by an employee in a flight suit who was pleased that we had accepted the dangerous mission.

We quickly stowed our belongings in one of the provided lockers, filled out the digital mission papers, and off we went.

We were led to the back rooms, where it was apparent that more adventures awaited the players. In the briefing room, we received the final instructions and learned that we were to search for a certain Dr. Jones. While the Gamemaster had been convincing in her role so far, she briefly stepped out of character here to explain general escape room rules before leading us to the starting room.

Temple Hunters

In einer antiken ägyptischen Tempelanlage begebt ihr euch auf die Suche nach einem verschollenen Forscher. Ein Abenteuer das ihr nicht vergessen werdet!

The room

The adventure begins in a rather straightforwardly designed tent, which, however, ensured that the subsequent course felt all the more opulent. The setting of the temple complex impressed with classic details of Egyptian pyramids – hieroglyphs, sarcophagi, heavy doors, and treasures – surprising with many small details that brought the adventure to life. One highlight was particularly captivating, as we had not seen anything like it in any other temple room before. Light and sound complemented the experience accordingly. The actual finale, however, fell slightly short compared to the established suspense throughout the adventure.

The puzzles

The medium-difficulty logic puzzles, skill challenges, and “action tasks” largely fit thematically into the temple complex. The hint guidance is not always 100% successful and relies on the group simply trying things out for some tasks.


Although we were given a walkie-talkie at the beginning, it was rarely used. Timebreak guided us through the room with well-narrated audio elements, which were never too direct and, above all, were perceived less as actual hints and more as contributions to the overall adventure experience.

“Temple Hunters” is a successful adventure room, not only presenting a beautiful visual appeal but also telling a largely cohesive story. The finale, centered around the search for Dr. Jones, is a matter of personal taste. Fans of pop culture will likely find it delightful, bringing a smile to their faces, while others might have preferred a bit more sophistication. Nevertheless, we highly recommend the “Temple Hunters” escape room, especially for less experienced adventurers – it’s bound to be a unique experience. Even players with more experience will be pleasantly surprised by some of the ideas.

Afterward, we made our way to the attic of Ancum – The Great.

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