TIMEBREAK Bonn – Ancum – The Great – Escape Room Bonn

Bonn / 2 – 6 Players / Price: 30 – 54 Euro per person / Rating: 9.3

Location: Kapuzinzerstraße 11, 53113 Bonn

Group size: 3

Date of Play: 01.11.2023

More than three years have passed since Malte first entered Yarrum’s magical hut through a dimensional rift at Timebreak in Bonn. Now, the three of us returned to delve into the depths of an ancient Egyptian temple and explore the attic of Ancum – The Great.

TIMEBREAK is located directly in the city center across from the Bonn Opera. If you come by car, you can use the associated underground parking garage. Various cafes or restaurants next to the provider’s entrance, as well as the nearby Rhine riverbank, can complement your visit.

The lounge is characterized by an industrial design, immediately putting us on high alert. Since the last time, several new rifts have appeared, and red lights and alarm signals were glowing everywhere. We were greeted by an employee in a flight suit who was pleased that we had accepted the dangerous mission.

We quickly stowed our belongings in one of the provided lockers, filled out the digital mission papers, and off we went. After successfully escaping the ancient Egyptian temple before and taking a short break, it was time for us to continue.

In the familiar briefing room, another Timebreak employee welcomed us to prepare us for the new mission, Ancum – The Great.

Please note that the room contains elements from the former Dutch escape room “The Attic” by Team Trapped.

Ancum – The Great

Joseph, besser bekannt als “Ancum the Great”, wird die Welt erneut verblüffen. Der Illusionist arbeitet in seinem abgelegenen Dachatelier in höchster Geheimhaltung an seinem neuesten und größten Trick aller Zeiten. Niemand weiß, was sie erwarten können, und sogar seine liebevolle Assistentin tappt vollkommen im Dunkeln. Eins ist sicher! Dieser Trick wird ihnen allen eine komfortable Zukunft sichern oder den endgültigen Untergang von “Ancum the Great” und all seinen Lieben bedeuten.

The room

Barely have we stepped through the dimensional rift, and we find ourselves on a dark attic, which seems to serve as Ancum’s study. The location is lovingly arranged, creating the atmosphere of one of those “feel-good” escape adventures. While, according to our taste, a few more details could have been added, what we encountered already contributed to the illusion of a magician’s attic. Old furniture, magician’s tools, and a coherent lighting and sound backdrop impressed us. The finale was also beautifully staged, adding the finishing touch to the overall experience.

The puzzles

The medium to hard puzzles left behind by Ancum were indeed more challenging, yet always fair. Finally, the theme of exploration came into play, and we were able to thoroughly investigate the attic. The logic and combination tasks present throughout much of the experience seamlessly integrated into the setting, providing a delightful variety. The hint system was well-executed, allowing for effective exploration of the room and problem-solving.


Similar to the “Temple Hunter” room, Timebreak guided us through the space with well-narrated audio elements via a radio. These were never too direct, serving more as contributions to the overall adventure experience rather than being perceived as straightforward hints. Additionally, they skillfully complemented the room’s events with the occasional story-relevant message.

As mentioned earlier, Ancum – The Great is one of those “feel-good” escape rooms. The narrative is less dark, the ambiance is well-crafted, and the puzzles seamlessly fit into the given setting. The room largely tells the story on its own, supported by the audio drama, and it never feels overly contrived. There might be room for slight improvement at one or two points to achieve perfection, but this is unlikely to significantly impact the experience for the majority of players. The room’s finale brings the story to a satisfying conclusion, leaving players with gleaming eyes from the world of Ancum – The Great. The room is primarily designed for experienced players and should not be underestimated in terms of challenges. Puzzle enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this experience.

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