Push Mystery Rooms – The Movies – Escape Room Brügge

The Movies/ Bruges (Belgium) / 2-4 Players / Price: 41,25 – 82,50 EURO per Person / Rating: 9.3

Location: Damse Steenweg 28, 8380 Dudzel

Date of Play: 13.07.2022

Team Size: 2


The Movies by Push Mystery Rooms is currently the talk of the town in the Netherlands and Belgium. Malte already told us about this unique experience in one of our On the Road podcasts. Whether The Movies could also convince us as film fans, you can read here.

Push Mystery Rooms is located in a small town just a few kilometers from beautiful Bruges in Belgium. The provider hides quite inconspicuously on the thoroughfare, directly behind a large rolling gate. The exciting thing about Push Mystery Rooms is not only the two Escape Rooms Houdini’s Workshop and the already mentioned The Movies, but also the provider.

That’s an internationally known interior designer named Anthony Boelart. He has fulfilled his own dream with Push Mystery Rooms and its rooms. According to his own statements, he designed and built all the rooms himself. He wanted to create a world to dream away. His own house with an attached warehouse serves as the location.

It is also important to him to provide exclusive support for the players, which is why both rooms can never be booked at the same time. This exclusive care is palpable from start to finish.

After we pressed the inconspicuous bell on the roll-up door, it opened after a short time and there stood Anthony, who greeted us warmly and led us through his hip, thoroughly styled warehouse into the lounge area. His attention to detail cannot be denied after the first few meters in the location.

In the equally appealing lounge area, there was a short briefing and then our journey into the world of movies could already begin. As is customary in Belgium and the Netherlands, the history of the room was introduced in a really well-produced video before the game began.

The Movies

The Movies

The Room

When we stepped through the door, we actually found ourselves in a reception area of a small movie theater. It smelled like popcorn and we immediately felt transported to the world of cinema. The Movies is a great tribute to cinema and especially the movies of the 80s and 90s. As movie buffs, we rediscovered lovingly incorporated details everywhere that are part of our own movie history. The small obligatory cinema room with a screen, where we are also allowed to take a seat, is not missing either. The Movies convinces with a loving and largely convincing setting, which is not only rounded off by a very good sound and light backdrop. The Movies lets players smell and feel the movies. All of this culminates in a really nicely staged finale that comes in a milder and more exciting form.

The Puzzles

The Movies relies on a linear puzzle guide that offers a wide range of varied puzzles. From more classic cognitive tasks to technical gimmicks, everything is represented here. For the most part, the puzzles are well integrated into the story and setting and skillfully emphasize the respective theme. Teamwork is required, especially towards the end, but we were able to solve it just as well with two players as with several.


Communication takes place via screens in the room, on which corresponding tips appear in written form. The tips are partly well formulated, sometimes perhaps a bit too direct. Anthony had us well in view at all times and skillfully guided us through the game with the right tips at the right time, so that we actually finished shortly before the end.

Maria’s Conclusion

As a movie fan, The Movies totally wowed me with its setting and attention to detail. Building such a room yourself is – in the truest sense of the word – cinema at it’s best. So I can overlook two things here that we like to remark on in other rooms: That there were a tad too many locks and a sometimes too direct hint. And yet, it’s fun to explore The Movies – from start to finish. What I liked most about The Movies was experiencing the room with all my senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and even tasting (but in a positive way) were all part of the adventure. I’ve never experienced that in a room like this before.

Sebastian’s Conclusion

The Movies by Push Mystery Rooms is one of the few Escape Rooms that touched me right in the heart. I think every one of us has Escape Rooms like this. Escape Rooms that aren’t 100% perfect, but with their theme and loving design, you can’t get them out of your head. As a big movie fan, the movies made me dive into a dream world and the end of the story moved me even more. Anthony shows with his Escape Rooms what you can create with passion and skill. I can recommend The Movies to all players who like movies and want to feel like a kid again who went to the cinema for the first time. But it will also be a great pleasure for everyone else to have been a guest at Push Mystery Rooms and to feel the joy and passion for Escape Rooms.

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