The Code Agency Düsseldorf – The Search for the Szepter of Light – Escape Room Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf / 2 – 7 Players / Price: 45 – 26 Euro per Player / Rating: 9.1

Location: Stresemannplatz 4, 40210 Düsseldorf

Date of Play: 18.06.2021

Players: 2

The time has come – the lockdown is over and we can finally escape again. After the Code Agency has taught us in the summer of 2020 with the Poltergeist the fear, it was now finally time for the independently conceived adventure The search for the scepter of light. Since I am a big fan of adventure scenarios in Escape Rooms, I was very excited to see what Code Agency had come up with.

The Code Agency is centrally located at Stresemannplatz in Düsseldorf and stands out from the outside due to the ground-level branch. Due to the large window front, the waiting area is flooded with light and inviting. Due to the clean industrial interior design, the atmosphere here is more like a bar than a briefing area for an Escape Game.

Fittingly, there is now actually a café/bar in the front area of the Code Agency where you can relax and chat before and after the game. Surely each of us knows the conversations and discussions after the games, in which the most beautiful and funniest moments of the game can be reviewed. So Code Agency has come up with a really great concept for this.

The Search for the Szepter of Light

According to legends, a huge source of energy that first appeared in the 8th century and the trace of which was lost in Central America. Other, dubious and malicious organizations are on the lookout for this powerful relic. Not to imagine what happens when the scepter falls into the wrong hands. Travel to different times and places, connect the traces and finds the scepter of light.


In Search of the Scepter of Light, Code Agency Düsseldorf sent us through varied scenery. The exciting journey began with an auditory intro in the style of a radio play in absolute darkness. After the short intro, we literally stepped into the first epoch. The settings are qualitatively well implemented and reflect the respective time. The attention to detail of the setting increases during our journey and can already convince us in the middle of the game. The entertaining transitions between the different eras are especially positive. The appropriate use of light and sound led to an atmospheric audiovisual background. An often underestimated factor in terms of immersion is certainly the floor or the underground of an Escape Room. Here, the Code Agency has continued to think about the different backdrops on the floor as well, whereby the theming was transported credibly for us.


The puzzles are logical and varied. After a somewhat bumpy start, the tasks became more intuitive and more credibly subordinated to the narrative of the respective era. At the beginning, linear cognitive tasks dominate, while the haptic non-linear tasks become more important as the game progresses. We liked the interaction with the setting here. Overall, the room does without classic padlocks. These are interactive tasks in the context of the era, but they only tell the story to a limited extent. The difficulty level is in the easy to medium range.


As mentioned above, our journey started with a short radio play. The radio play sequences are also used in the further course to introduce the respective epoch. Overall, the story is driven forward by the change of setting, so that with each new era the search for the scepter of light continues. The search culminates in a finale, which is nicely staged with lighting effects, but comes across as somewhat unspectacular compared to the previous exciting journey. This was mainly because we would have liked a more active involvement of us players in the finale.


The Gamemaster plays a crucial role in the quest for the Scepter of Light. We particularly enjoyed the interaction with the gamemaster during the game. With a wink, Code Agency creates a really great experience here, which required a high level of spontaneity from our Gamemaster. Overall, it was great to see how motivated the gamemaster was in his role after the long lockdown. He knew at all times where we were in terms of content


The search for the scepter of light was great fun for us. An overall well-rounded room that entertained us with varied settings and especially with the haptic and analog tasks. If you’ve ever wanted to jump back and forth between the major eras within a few minutes, you shouldn’t miss this adventure. From trading in the Middle Ages to excavating in the temple – here you become the hero:in of your favorite movies yourself.

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Escape Maniac transparency promise: Malte was invited by The Code Agency and didn’t have to pay anything for playing The Search for the Scepter of Light.

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