Sala Enigma – Cain – Escape Room Vitoria-Gasteiz

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: Deutsch (German)

Cain /Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) / 2-6 Players / Pice: 18.30 – 30 EURO per person / Rating: 8.4

Location: Calle del Gorbea, 17; 01012 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Navarra

Date of Play: 06.10.2022

Team Size: 4


Cain from the Spanish escape provider Sala Enigma is touted by them as a high-tech escape room. We’re always a bit wary of spaceship scenarios, but since we still had time that day, we spontaneously booked Cain. Read our review here.

We booked the Escape Room Cain at Sala Enigma quite spontaneously during our drive from Pamplona to Vitoria-Gasteiz via WhatsApp. Luckily it was also playable in English. Cain is Sala Enigma’s newest and also most elaborate room.

The store is located near the center. However, you should bring some time to find a parking space. Just before we arrived, we received a message that the start of the game would be a bit delayed. So we had to wait for about 20 minutes in front of the Sala Enigma location. As with all the other vendors we played at in northern Spain, there is no option to wait inside the store. Again, you are not let in until the game starts.

We were greeted by our game leader in really good English and stowed our belongings in a locker provided. Going to the restroom was even possible here before the actual game.

When we were done, we were then led into the actual room, where we immediately noticed the four space capsules. If there were five or six of us, we had to share a capsule in pairs.

We got a detailed briefing from Cain about the background story and then the adventure could begin.


Cain - Sala Enigma

The world’s major powers have sent a spaceship to the only planet that seems to offer the conditions for human life. On board are 2,000 men and women in perfect physical and mental condition to establish the first human colony on this planet, but the control command on Earth has lost contact with the ship and it seems to be off course. They are to be teleported back to the ship to find out what happened and to get the ship back to its destination….

The Room

After the briefing by our gamemaster, we each had to enter one of the waiting space capsules. The interior was quite sterile: Apart from some small, locked boxes and a display in front of us, there wasn’t much to discover here at first. Once we arrived at the actual ship, we found ourselves in a coherent spaceship setting. Plastic in white was used for the most part. As befits a spaceship, there were of course various buttons and monitors. However, everything was pleasantly reduced. The sound and light background were coherent. Unfortunately, the audio in the room was not available in English – a circumstance that made it a bit more difficult for us to follow the actual story and took away some of the atmosphere. The finale in English then offered a little twist.

The Puzzles

The puzzles in Cain were varied and mostly staged coherently in the setting. Especially at the beginning in the capsules, we were required to communicate and cooperate. The puzzle guidance is successful, so that you get into a good flow as the adventure progresses. The mostly cognitive tasks are logical and comprehensible at all times and can usually be solved in parallel. The use of classic locks is dispensed with here. 

The Gamemaster

Communication with the gamemaster was via speakers in the room. Unfortunately, the sound was usually a bit too quiet, so we didn’t always immediately understand what he wanted from us. He knew where we were at all times and had good timing. The hints were mostly direct in nature. 


Sala Enigma offers a well-designed spaceship scenario in Cain, which is very coherent for the most part, and the puzzles are also convincing. Especially the first 15 minutes of the game remain in our memory, in which we had to communicate with each other and then, of course, the moment when we stepped out of the space capsules. We recommend Cain for space-faring teams of 2-4 people with a medium experience level. 

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