Deadline Escape Games – Lost Island – Escape Room Hamburg

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Hamburg / 3 – 6 Players / Price: 22.50€ – 30€ per Person / Rating: 8.1

Location: Moorfleeter Straße 15, 22113 Hamburg

Date of Play: 04.07.2021

Players: 2

Language: German, but the room is language neutral

We visited Deadline Escape Games in the east of Hamburg. Here we went in search of a Mayan sanctuary in the Escape Room Lost Island. Read our review.

In the east of Hamburg, directly at the highway exit B5 Hamburg – Billstedt, we found the location of Deadline Escape Games on the industrial yard of Franke + Pahl. There are plenty of parking spaces right in front of the door.

Deadline Escape Games is one of those locations where you are immediately pleasantly surprised upon entering. When you first enter an old, rocked-out factory building and climb up a rustic steel staircase, you initially have the feeling that you are entering one of those classic underground escape locations. But when you step through the door to Deadline Escape Games, you find yourself in a really stylish location. The two operators have created a stylish lounge area, which harmonizes perfectly with the vintage ambience of the factory building and yet looks modern.

We were greeted very nicely by the host. We were able to lock our valuables in the provided lockers and shorten the waiting time with a drink in one of the seating areas.

Deadline Escape Games currently offers four different Escape Adventures. The two Escape Rooms Prison Break and Magical Mystery are recommended for beginners. The two more difficult rooms Goldmine and Lost Island are mainly for advanced groups.

After the standard briefing in the lounge area, we were ready to begin our adventure on Lost Island.

Lost Island

You are on an important expedition in the middle of the Caribbean Sea! Your mission is to procure the Mayan sanctuary, the so-called “Fire of the Gods”, on a legendary island! This stone is said to have miraculous powers, which is why it is incredibly important for medical research! Only if you manage to get off the island before sunset you can escape the cruel rituals of the Maya! The expedition team before you unfortunately did not make it….Now it’s up to you!


Admittedly, when there is mention of an island and expedition, the expectations are usually already quite high. But we also know by now that these expectations can hardly be fulfilled in a certain atmosphere. So we were surprised to start in a ship setting at first, but that made total sense in the context of the story. Here we found a tablet on which we were welcomed by our previous team via video and initiated into the details of the actual mission. In fact, the room/adventure and especially the setting manages to step up. The first third was okay, even if there is still a bit more room for improvement here. But from the second third on, the setting knows how to surprise and delivers some nice moments. You should definitely be prepared to not necessarily leave this adventure clean. This circumstance contributes well to the authentic feeling of a treasure hunt. The sound is atmospheric at all times and the finale is well executed.


Lost Island offers a linear puzzle structure. Cognitive and practical puzzles are well balanced here. A large part of the quite varied puzzles also fits well into the setting and story and doesn’t seem too forced. Lovers of locks will get their money’s worth here, as well as those of mechanical puzzles. Here, too, we were especially convinced by the second part of the adventure. It is nice that many puzzles can only be solved as a team, which ensures that everyone in the room is involved at all times.


The hints from our game master were given via the mentioned tablet, which we took at the beginning of the adventure. The hints were given by voice and were not always well formulated for us in the context of the actual story, although the game master took on the role of the other team member here. However, she was convincing with good timing and not too obvious hints.


Lost Island by Deadline Escape Games offers especially for players with less experience an original, adventurous scenario with medium to higher difficulty level puzzles, which are especially convincing because these puzzles involve all persons in the room at any time.

We were especially convinced by the last part of the room, which was carefully staged and consequently seemed the most coherent.

Lost Island is therefore recommended to all adventurers who like to get dirty while solving an Escape Room adventure. Deadline Escape Games knows how to convince with the overall concept and their love for puzzles.

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