Wayout Room Escape – Hotel Hello – Escape Room Pamplona

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Hotel Hello / Pamplona (Spain) / 2-6 Players / Price: 15 – 30 EURO pro Person / Bewertung: 8.5

Location: C/ Pintor Zubiri 6 Tras. , Pamplona –Navarra

Date of Play: 06.10.2022

Team Size: 4


The Hotel Hell of the Spanish Escape Room provider Wayout in Pamplona made it to the final round of the Top Escape Room Enthusiast Awards (TERPECA) in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, it was among the 50 best rooms in the world. Reason enough to check in here once during our Northern Spain trip. Read the review here.

Located on the first floor of a residential and commercial building, the red facade of the provider beamed at us from afar. Hotel Hello by Wayout probably had one of the most eye-catching appearances compared to the more “hidden” places in Spain. Thus, the facade imitates a hotel entrance, above which is a large sign with Hotel Hell(o).

Just in time for our appointment, we pressed the bell and a “Do you have a reservation?” sounded from the speaker. When we answered in the affirmative, the door opened shortly thereafter and the “hotel owner” greeted us.

As soon as we entered the place, we found ourselves in a small, dim reception area that already had the look and feel of an old hotel. We locked up our belongings in a closet provided. The restrooms can be found here during the Hotel Hell game, as they are a part of the game. Should you want to go before then, you are led there with your eyes closed.

We were kindly greeted by the hotel owner, who already had two hotel rooms ready for us. Before he led us to them, he told us how important his mother is and was to him. Accordingly, we should treat everything with care. But he also told us about strange occurrences in his hotel.

When we had understood everything so far, he led us each to our hotel rooms and the real adventure could begin.

Hotel Hello

Welcome to HELLO HOTEL. The owners, obsessed with honoring their late mother and very afraid of disappointing her, have made sure that no detail has escaped their attention. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything is perfect and that visitors can enjoy their stay to the fullest. What could possibly go wrong? This is the perfect plan. Come and switch off from everyday life, Hotel Hello will surprise you.

The room

The harmonious first impression continues in the hotel room. We found ourselves in a classic, somewhat run-down hotel room. A bed, nightstands, mirror and a closet – what more could you want. There was even a WiFi password. The rest of the way through the hotel was also convincing, and here it was also possible to visit the toilet during the game. Hotel Hello is atmospheric, but never really scary, even if there are one or two surprises. Sound and lighting could have been improved here to bring the room to life a bit more. Towards the end, the tension unfortunately decreases and the finale was a bit too abrupt.

The puzzles

The puzzles in Hotel Hello fit thematically well into the setting. Cognitive and haptic puzzles alternate well here. There is also the odd gimmick puzzle. Especially at the beginning, teamwork is important and the tasks can be solved in parallel. Towards the end, the puzzles become more linear. The puzzles are in the medium difficulty range. The puzzle management is successful.

The gamemaster

The communication was over speakers in the room and was not integrated into the actual story. The game master did a good job throughout. He knew where we were at all times and the cues were well timed. Especially considering that we couldn’t always follow our German communication accordingly. He also handled all other tasks with a good sense of timing and rounded out the experience accordingly.


Hotel Hello is a coherent and atmospheric adventure with a slight creepiness factor. Here and there you can wince, but this is still within a quite pleasant range. The story and the tasks are mostly quite coherent and thus easy to follow. Fans of horror movies will surely immediately notice which classic Hotel Hello is aiming at here. The game master in the role of the hotel owner skillfully rounds out the overall experience. Hotel Hello is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. A team of 3 to 4 players is perfect for checking in.

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