AdventureRooms Dresden – Professor Booster – Escape Room Dresden

Dresden / 2 – 6 players / Price: 20 – 30 euros per person / Rating: 3.9

Location: Bautzner Straße 1, 01199 Dresden

Date of Play: 06.03.2022

Number of players: 2

We were out and about in Dresden and stopped by the Escape Room provider Adventure Rooms in the heart of Dresden’s Neustadt district. Here we tried our luck at Professor Booster, the “most difficult Escape Room in Germany.” Read here if the room is worth a trip to Dresden.

Adventure Rooms is one of the very first Escape Room franchises. Adventure Rooms has its origins in Switzerland. Since 2013, you can find the provider worldwide and not only in Germany. In Germany alone there are Adventure Rooms eight times.

One room, which is mostly on offer everywhere, is the Escape Room “The Swiss Original”, with which the story of Adventure Rooms also begins.

In Dresden there are currently two locations. You can find the rooms of Adventure Rooms Airlines at Dresden Airport. Here you will find the newest rooms of Adventure Rooms, which will take you to various places in the world. However, we were on the way to the location of Adventure Rooms with their older rooms in Dresden’s Neustadt. Here we wanted to face, according to Adventure Rooms “the most difficult Escape Room in Germany”, Professor Booster.

Upon arrival, we were greeted professionally and were able to lock up our belongings in the lockers provided. After a short wait, our game master arrived, who by standard gave us an introduction to the Escape Room with rehearsed phrases and told us the classic, generic story of why we were trapped in this room.

We became suspicious when she said that Professor Booster is not booked too often and that they are happy if the room is played at all. When asked about the low success rate of 5%, she let us know that they are not allowed to help the players in the room.

Before the game started, we had to sign that we were allowed to be tied up in the room (a safety carabiner can be used to release us at any time) and then the adventure could begin.

Professor Booster

Professor Booster’s workshop is one of the most difficult Escape Rooms in Germany! Can you recreate the professor’s crazy experiments? Only skill and wits can help you. Do you have what it takes to escape?

The Room

The Escape Room Professor Booster has no atmosphere and no story. You shouldn’t have any great expectations to dive into another world, let alone into a laboratory. There is some paint on the walls, a mannequin behind a door and that’s it. There are no spectacle elements here. The focus here is not on exploring the room, but on solving a huge number of various puzzles that have been randomly packed into the room. A first-generation escape room could hardly be more classic.

The Puzzles

Puzzle fans will more than get their money’s worth here. Professor Booster offers a sheer number of tasks and probably the highest number of locks we have ever seen in a room. Of course, the puzzles are not integrated into any story in such a room and therefore seem to be largely imposed. Mass instead of class. This is not about recreating experiments, as one might think based on the “story” of the room. However, the puzzles are varied and due to the non-linear structure, everyone has something to do in the room at any time. Two players are actually too few here. Unfortunately, the opening puzzle could only be solved by releasing our handcuffs, possibly due to our height or lack of skill. By then, however, this puzzle had already cost us almost 10 minutes. In another incorrect puzzle, the game master was only of limited help, so that a few minutes were lost here as well.

The Gamemaster

As announced, our gamemaster was not much help in the room, although it would theoretically be possible to receive tips via text on a monitor. Even in the situation of an error in the room, we were only given tips that were not helpful. These were initially not appropriate to the situation, as it was not feasible due to the design of the task. In the end, we were given the required code directly. Despite this delay, she then stood in the room on time at the end of the time and stopped the game. Although we were “supposedly” close to the end, we were then also not shown the rest of the room.


All in all, Professor Booster was quite a disappointing experience and had not much to do with an Escape Room, which is what we expect from it. There was no immersion, no atmosphere and everything seemed to be of low quality. In the end, Professor Booster will only delight those of you who place a lot of value on a variety of puzzles in a room and are looking for a challenge. Everyone else who is looking for a real experience will only leave the room disappointed. In principle, we would recommend more than 2 players, as otherwise the flood of tasks will hardly be solvable.

A circumstance that may explain the low success rate of 5%, among other things. However, in 2022 such a success rate is not an award for such a room, but rather a testimony to the fact that the Escape Room is not necessarily state of the art.

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