Big Break – The Toy Maker – Escape Room Hamburg

Hamburg / 2 – 6 Players / Price: 60 – 30 Euro per Person / Rating: 9.7

Location: Brandstwiete 1, 20457 Hamburg

Date of Play: 30.09.2023

Group Size: 2

Langauges: German/English

“Arm on red, leg on yellow!” Just reading the name of the game “Der Spielzeugmacher” (The Toy Maker) by Big Break brought numerous associations with well-known classic games to mind. Whether my expectations were met or not, you’ll find out here.

Upon arrival at the Big Break venue, it turned out that access to the Toymaker’s shop was not straightforward. Our gamemaster slipped into his role and offered us a pre-show that went beyond explaining the rules. It involved an unexpected game element through which we could gain entry to the store. Already at this point, we were impressed by how creative and elaborate the access to the actual game was. Only when we were inside the store did the actual gameplay begin.

The Toy Maker

Der Spielzeugmacher von Big Break Hamburg

“You are absolute puzzle and game enthusiasts and receive the coveted invitation to an audience with the owner of a famous toy store. Upon arrival, you discover a seemingly closed shop without an owner. Nevertheless, the door creaks open, and you enter! It becomes clear to you: This is no ordinary store… Can you unravel the mystery of the mysterious toy store and its owner?”

The setting

Even before entering the store, the beautifully decorated shop window made us eager for more. After earning our entrance to the store, we found ourselves in the colorful, creative, and detail-oriented world of the toymaker. The store featured numerous classic games that brought joy to our hearts. The overall gameplay impressed us with its high-quality and well-crafted set design. Indeed, just exploring the set was incredibly enjoyable. There were numerous small details to discover, and it was evident how much work and effort had been put into this room. The game featured genuine surprises and twists in the storyline, all effectively conveyed through the set, making it a unique experience for us.

The story

At the beginning of the escape room, we received our mission from the toymaker through a video message inside the toy store. The game was structured as a mission-based experience, with a dramatic and visually impressive finale.

The puzzles

The puzzles in “The Toy Maker” were a mix of cognitive and tactile tasks that integrated seamlessly into each section of the room, promoting excellent interaction with the space. There was a high number of both larger and smaller tasks, providing a substantial workload for our team of two. We recommend at least three players, especially for less experienced groups. The tasks were cooperative, varied, and creatively designed. We appreciated the presence of a room-spanning element that added a consistent thread to the gameplay.


The game master provided an excellent pre-show and demonstrated a clear understanding of our progress throughout the experience. However, the hints were directly displayed on a monitor via text messages, somewhat disrupting the immersion. On a positive note, a scorecard was provided, documenting the game elements we achieved. Additionally, we were able to note down some memorable quotes from the game, creating a great souvenir for us as players.

Malte’s conclusion

There is another must-play room in Hamburg. With “Der Spielzeugmacher,” Big Break Hamburg has created a very entertaining adventure that has left a lasting impression on us due to its detail-oriented set design and creative game elements. Even outside the horror genre, Big Break has more than convinced us and presented an entertaining game at a high level. We can wholeheartedly recommend this room.

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